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Learn all about Oriental Rugs and other types of rugs for your home or business with Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sam's expertise in color, design, styles and types of rugs, and his eagerness to share his knowledge in order to help people find the best rug for their home or business, sets him apart from other rug retailers.
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Nov 22, 2018

The country that an oriental rug comes from can make a huge deal. But how do I know which country makes the best oriental rugs, and even which country my oriental rug came from. Listen to this podcast as Sam Presnell of the Rug Gallery answers all of these questions and more.

Nov 15, 2018

Did you know that moth damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your rug? Listen as Sam Presnell of the Rug Gallery details exactly how a moth does damage, how you prevent moth damage and more. 

Nov 8, 2018

Picture this: your family has just gotten brand new puppy and everybody loves him, but all of a sudden he starts making a mess on your oriental rug. What do you do? Listen as Sam Presnell of the Rug Gallery gives advice on how you can protect your oriental rug from pet damage.

Oct 11, 2018

It is never an easy decision to choose between silk and wool for a rug, especially when there are so many factors to consider. Listen to this podcast as Sam Presnell, owner of the Rug Gallery, makes your decision easier by breaking down the differences in appearances, clean-ability, durability, and prices.

Oct 4, 2018

Peshawar rugs are special not only for their beauty, but also for their backstory. If you are looking for a new rug, but aren’t sure what kind to get, this may be the type to consider. Listen to learn about their unique backstory, how they are made, and where to buy them.

Sep 27, 2018

Kazak rugs are beautiful rugs that come from a country known as Kazakhstan. They are most well-known for their vibrant colors and exhilarating patterns. If you are fascinated with special types of rugs then Kazak rugs are the type for you. Listen to this podcast to learn more about what a Kazak rugs are, how they are made, why they are unique, and where they can be found.

Sep 20, 2018

A rug pattern could make or break a space. When designing your spaces, it is imperative to have the skills to choose the right rug pattern. Listen as Sam Presnell, the owner of the Rug Gallery, talks about which rug patterns to target and avoid in different types of rooms.  

Sep 13, 2018

Bijar rugs are an interesting style of rugs known for having incredible design patterns and textures, as well a tight weave that earned them their nickname, the iron rug of Persia. For people looking to go a less traditional route in their rug purchase, Bijar rugs may be the choice for you. Listen as Sam Presnell, owner of the Rug Gallery, talks more about this interesting style of rug.

Aug 29, 2018

Kilim rugs are more than just rugs; they are works of art. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses the beauty and design of kilim rugs. Listen or read more to find out if a kilim rug is right for your home.

Aug 22, 2018

Small spaces deserve great rugs as much as large spaces. Choose a rug that will complement the space and not overpower it. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how to choose a rug for a small space. Listen or read more to find out about rugs in small spaces.

Aug 15, 2018

Heriz and Serapi rugs are beautiful rugs that will last the test of time. While Heriz rugs are commonly found, Serapi rugs are more rare. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses the differences and similarities between Heriz and Serapi rugs. Listen or read more to find out about their beautiful designs and value.

Aug 8, 2018

Colored dye used to be created from the environment, including flowers and even bugs. Nowadays, synthetic dyes have taken over for their ease of use and cost effectiveness. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses the history of rug dyes. Listen or read more to learn about the types of dyes used in rugs.

Aug 1, 2018

Oriental rugs come in many quality levels, from high-end to low-end. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how to spot the differences, and even touches on techniques that may not be spotted to the casual rug buyer. Listen or read more to learn about spotting a high-end oriental rug.

Jul 25, 2018

Oriental Weavers rugs are imported to the U.S. from Egypt. Machine-made and high-quality, these rugs are built to last. Listen to Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery discuss the details of Oriental Weavers rugs. Listen or read more to find out if an Oriental Weavers rug is right for you.

Jul 18, 2018

John Maher: Welcome to The Rug Gallery with Sam Presnell. The Rug Gallery is an oriental rug company and carpet store in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm John Maher and I'm here with the owner of the Rug Gallery Sam Presnell. Hi, Sam.

Sam Presnell: Hi John.

John: So, Sam, today we're talking about Tibetan tiger rugs. So what are Tibetan tiger rugs?

Sam: [laughs] I always wonder what you said about this topic and what will we discuss. It could be a couple of things. For the Tibetans, the tiger is a very powerful symbol and also more of a royal or basically one of their, I want to say religious, but it is a lot in their religion. It has a lot of purpose, a lot of meanings behind it and a lot about character. I've heard lots of translations, but you see a lot of it in the Tibetan paintings.

You see it in the rugs as well. It's a very, very — I wouldn't say uncommon — but fairly common where they kind of reverent of what they think about the tiger. It's hard to explain that in simple words to me. It's more of just a symbol and a feeling.

Tibetan Tiger Rug Styles

John: Right. So, I've seen a few different kinds of examples of using the tiger in a rug. One of the original ones that I saw was actually what they called the flayed tiger. It sort of looks like as if you killed a tiger, took its pelt and sort of laid it out so it has its head still on. Like one of those bear rugs that you would see maybe in an old cabin, or something like that with a bear head still there. Of course, it's not a real tiger pelt it's just woven into this rectangular rug but that image is there. Is that just one style of the tiger rugs?

Sam: Yes, that is actually one style. You can actually see them like you said, where they're actually woven so that the arms are not inside of a rug they're just hanging out there flapping in the breeze kind of a thing ... and the tail and the head. It really looks like a true pelt. It's actually woven as a rug to look like a real tiger. We actually own one here at The Rug Gallery, I have it on our wall. It's a very cool piece and we get a lot of attention from it. I've yet to sell it, but it is a very good conversation piece.

A lot of times you'll see it, as you say, in a rectangular shape, round shape or a square shape, whatever they want to make. They'll put a tiger on the field of that particular rug and it will be the focus on a focal point of that rug. The tiger rugs have been around, oh boy, I wouldn't say a thousand years, but it's probably got to be close to that as far as the Tibetan culture and you see it go way, way back. You'll see it in their ceramics. You'll see it in their paintings as well.

John: Have you seen other styles of tiger rugs where it's a little bit — it's not quite just an actual image of a tiger but just sort of the tiger stripes on a rug and things like that?

Sam: Exactly, we do that in Nepal as well as in Tibetan rugs, where we actually take the actual skinned look to it and make a rug out just the stripes or things like that. You can really make it look very modern and contemporary, really I call an abstract tiger. Where it looks — if you really look like, yes, hey, that really is a tiger skin look to the rug, but it's very much a rug, it's not shaped like a tiger or you would pick it up as a tiger pelt.

Tibetan Tiger Rug Popularity

John: Right. Are these types of rugs really highly sought after?

Sam: I don't think they're highly sought after, but I think people who collect stuff and like interesting things that are not like everybody else, I think and they appreciate the Tibetan culture, what that stands for, I think I would call collector types of people, yes, I think it is highly collectible, but it's only by I think a very limited amount of people.

Where to Display a Tiger Rug

John: Right. So, on those lines, where would maybe be a good place for me to display a Tibetan tiger rug in my house?

Sam: I think you could put it anywhere. I think you could put it at, if you have an office, you could put at the front of the desk. If you have a foyer, I wouldn't be afraid to use it there.

John: Yes, that'd be fun.

Sam: I think you can display it on a wall, which would be very, very cool on any room that you have a big wall, you want to put something pretty dynamic on like a painting. You could also, you could do that. I think it depends on the size of the rug, where you can use it at, but you can use it in the bedroom, as well foot of the bed or something like that or the side of a bed. I'm all for being very creative with design and color. I always like, when I see something that's not the norm. Everybody wants to be different. I think that would definitely help you, separate you from the pack.

John: Yes. I really like the idea of putting it in the foyer of your house, so that the first thing that somebody sees as they come into your house for the first time is this big tiger image on the rug there. It would just be a really good conversation piece as something that would be interesting to people as they enter your house.

Sam: Yes, very, very cool. I actually have one in front, what I would call it a butler's pantry, which is a hallway between the dining room and the kitchen. I have one in the hallway there that I absolutely love. I'm a big believer in them.

John: I appreciate you speaking with me today.

Sam: You're welcome, John.

John: For more information about Sam, The Rug Gallery and oriental rugs and carpets, visit That's or call 513-793-9505. Make sure you catch the latest episodes by subscribing to this podcast on iTunes. If you could take the time to give us a review as well, we'd appreciate that. I'm John Maher, see you next time on The Rug Gallery.

Jul 11, 2018

Choosing a rug for a home office is highly personal. However, choose a rug that can withstand the high traffic an office usually sees. Sam Presnell from The Rug Gallery discusses how to choose a durable rug for an office. Listen or read more to find out about office rugs.

Jul 4, 2018

In a large open space, like a finished basement, rugs give homeowners the opportunity to create a unique living space. Sam Presnell from The Rug Gallery discusses how to ensure the rug is stain-proof and what to do if water gets into the basement. Listen or read more to find out about finished basement rugs.

Jun 27, 2018

Nourison rug company imports and manufactures a wide variety of rugs. Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery discusses why he appreciates the company and the products they create and sell. Listen or read more to find out more about Nourison rugs.

Jun 12, 2018

Used oriental rugs are commonly found in estate sales and online auction sites. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how to determine if a used oriental rug is worth buying. Listen or read more to learn how to decide on whether or not to buy a used oriental rug for sale.

Jun 5, 2018

People seek rug appraisals for a variety of reasons, and those reasons could actually affect the appraisal of the rug. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how he appraises oriental rugs and what to expect from the process. Listen or read more to find out about oriental rug appraisal.

May 29, 2018

Rug quality is based on a few factors. To truly determine the quality of a rug, you must feel it. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, offers a variety of tips for rug buyers to learn before making a big purchase. Listen or read more to find out how to tell what rug quality you're buying.

May 22, 2018

When choosing a bedroom rug, keep in mind what you want to feel on your feet in the morning, your furniture placement, and your décor. Sam Presnell, owner of The Rug Gallery, discusses how to choose the best rug for your bedroom. Listen or read more to find out about bedroom rug options.

May 8, 2018

Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery discusses what rug colors and styles work best with dark hardwood.

Apr 24, 2018

Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery discusses rug protectors, including the usefulness (or not) of those plastic or rubber pieces that go under your furniture legs, as well as stain guard sprays and treatments for the rug itself.

Apr 10, 2018

Sam Presnell of The Rug Gallery discusses oriental rug maintenance, and how to prevent wear and tear on your rug, including sweeping your rug, the correct procedure for vacuuming your rug, rotating, rug pads, and more.

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